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Want a $500 FREE Amazon Gift Card? For today’s deal we have found a sweepstakes giveaway where you get a chance to win. Amazon is the number one largest online retailer. If you want to buy something chances are amazon has it in stock and can get it to you within 3 days. To claim this deal click the link below:

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Why You Should Shop at Amazon is by far my favorite online store to shop at. If you don’t already shop on there then you should. To put it simply, you are missing out on some of the best deals around. There are a few reasons for opinion on this.

First, amazon has the largest selection of products known to man. It has more than Ebay, more than craigslist, walmart etc. On top of that, usually, if you search for a product there are 20 – 2000 different version that come up.

Next is the fact that on amazon anything can be peer reviewed. So, basically, you can read what other peoples experiences have been when buying particular products. Then you can cross compare those with review from similar products until you determine which one right for you.

Lastly, on the Zon things are usually cheaper than at other places. Especially if you sign up for Amazon Prime where you get FREE 2 Day Shipping. CLICK HERE for a FREE 30 Day Trial.

The reason that prices are cheaper on Amazon is because most traditional retailers have to pay for warehouse staff, shipping to and from the warehouse, long term storage of products, etc. On Amazon people don’t have to do this. The product sits at the sellers home until you place an order. Then they ship it.

So you’ve decided to start shopping on Amazon? Good. Now get your $500 FREE amazon gift card.

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