Win a Nintendo Switch With a Nintendo Gift Card 2018

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Why Try to Win a Nintendo Switch With a Nintendo Gift Card?

To start off, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best new gaming consoles around. It comes with the ability to play all of the most recognizable games around. I mean who doesn’t love playing Mario, Zelda, or Donkey Kong? I grew up playing those games and they’ve only gotten better over the years.

Another reason you should Win a Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo Gift Card is because the entire gaming console is portable! It’s not like you are stuck wherever your TV is like when you are playing the PS4, Xbox, or Wii U. Instead you can travel around and bring the portable screen with you whenever and wherever you want to go.

But what makes this console stand out and why they have named it the Switch is because you can easily plug it right into your TV. This allows you to play it on a big screen TV just like any other major gaming device. Then when you decide you want to take it on the go you simply unplug it and go. All of the games will stay on the console and come with you.

Basically, if you like fun games then the Nintendo Switch is the obvious next move. Click the link below to win yours today:

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