Top 10 Hottest Products You Need This Summer 2018

The biggest shopping season of the year; Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Winter Holidays are officially over.

Thousands of cool products have been flying off the shelves like there was no tomorrow. In hindsight, we now know which ones flopped and who the clear winners were.

These are the hottest new products of 2018!

The best deals on cool gadgets, crazy gizmos and everything in between—and if we’re linking to it, it’s still heavily discounted and will be shipped right to your door for FREE, no matter where you live!

Vitamin Infused Coffee And Tea Pods – VitaCup



First up is VitaCup. Whoever came up with this idea is clearly a genius. Most people nowadays wake up in the morning with a nice cup of coffee and then they take their daily vitamins.

VitaCup decided to mix the two. Now you can get all the vitamins you need in a day right in your morning cup of coffee.

But let’s not stop there, they’ve even made a tea version as well for those of us that don’t enjoy coffee.

With 8 different flavors and varieties you won’t get bored either. We’ve secured a nice 20% discount 25% Discount Until Mothers Day for all our readers.

cool gadget 1


Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn And Grass Spray

hydro mousse

Hydro Mousse is probably one of the coolest cool gadget in the lawn care department.

If you have owned a lawn for more than a year you will know the difficulties of keeping it nice and green.

With Hydro Mousse all you need to do is spray where there are grass-less spots and it automatically plant and grow fresh green grass!

There is no more need to mess with seeds and digging / covering / planting.

If you have holes, grass-less spots, heavy traffic wear marks or just simply a lack of grass then you need to try Hydro Mousse.

cool gadget 2

TC1200 Tactical Military Flashlight

tactical flashlight

A leader in their field, the Tactical Flashlight continues to advance the technology of both portable and outdoor illumination, specifically with their TC1200 Military Edition LED Flashlight — an everyday carry favorite for many.

I, myself, have owned the TC1200, and consider it hands down the best tactical flashlight for both on shift as a firefighter and for off-duty everyday carry.

At five and a half inches long, the TC1200 is short enough to carry in your pocket, yet substantial enough to keep up with it’s larger flashlight counterparts.

Simply yet effective, with 1200 Lumens it won’t let you down no matter how dark your days become. We’ve secured a 20% Discount Now 75% OFF Until Father’s Day for our readers!

cool gadgets 3


 Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen

teeth whitening pen

Summer is coming and if you are like us then you want to be looking your best!

Total Radiance is the leading brand in the at-home-teeth-whitening department. If you smoke, drink coffee, tea or anything else that may stain your teeth then look no further.

With this teeth whitening pen you will literally see your teeth get brighter every time you apply the paste to your teeth.

It’s safe & effective within days. We’ve secured a deal where our readers get a FREE 30 day supply and all you have to do is pay for shipping. Enjoy! (We did)

cool gadgets 4


 Riddex Pulse – Permanent Rodent & Pest Protection (100% Chemical Free)

riddex pulse

As the winter months begin to fade away one thing becomes apparent. The bugs are BACK! But not anymore with Riddex Pulse.

I love summer, but I just can’t stand the massive amounts of bugs that come with it.

With this cool invention you can rid your house of ALL bugs, pests, and rodents without the use of any toxic chemicals.

It works by sending out small electromagnetic pulses that bugs and rodents hate. This keeps them away from your house. To make it even better, It’s completely safe for pets and children!

cool gadgets 5

Arctic Air Evaporative Air Cooler – No Windows Needed

arctic air

Next on our list of top cool gadgets this summer is Arctic Air – Evaporative Air Cooler. With this convenient product you can cool down ANY spot in your house.

The best part is that there is no installation and you can use it literally anywhere.

Most portable air conditioners need to be used by a window for their exhaust heat, but Arctic Air does not.

It’s time for you to enjoy cool, clean air anywhere you want. (Recently Reduced In Price!!)

cool gadgets 6


Chill Chest – The Collapsible, Stackable, Ice-less Cooler

chill chest

The standard cooler is now a thing of the past! Let me introduce you to the Chill Chest.

The Chill Chest is build with a special type of material that is resistant to temperature change.

This make it so that whatever you put inside of it stays the same temperature for up to 10 hours! It weighs less than 2 pounds and can hold over 100 pounds of weight.

If you are tired of lugging around coolers full of ice and water then you owe it to yourself to give the Chill Chest a try.

cool gadgets 7


Flex-Able Hose – It Will NEVER Kink Or Tangle

flex able hose

Have you always wondered how fire hoses never get kinked or tangled on a firetruck? They use a flex-technology that allows them to shrink and expand almost 3X their size.

This new Flex-Hose uses that exact same technology. The only difference is you can use this one at home!

Never worry about getting a kink in your house or about the tedious task of trying to roll it up.

This hose automatically retracts back to it’s original size and shape when you are done.

For a limited time you can also get a free 7-Way Adjustable Spray Nozzle with your purchase.

cool gadgets 8


Star Night Laser – Landscape & Outdoor Home Lighting

star night laser

The most spectacular way to decorate your home instantly! Just plug them in, point and thousands of big, breathtaking stars appear right before your eyes.

The secret is advanced laser light technology that create a dramatic 3-D effect. You will feel like you are in the middle of a cosmic star field.

Just one Star Night Laser can cover up to 3,000 square feet.

Star Night Laser is water resistant and the simple one button operation allows you to ease through the 8 programs modes with ease.

cool gadgets 9


HydraLight – The Flashlight That Runs On Water


Finally, we have the 100% water powered flashlight HydraLight. This is probably the coolest gadget we have found for this summer. And it is selling like hotcakes!

If the battery runs out all you have to do is dip it in some water for 10 – 15 seconds and it will start working again!

One battery will last up to 600 hours which is more light you you will ever need in an emergency situation. It can literally last more than a whole week straight.

Right now they are running a bonus promotion where you get 2 batteries for the price of one so your flashlight will never run out of power, or should we say.. water.

cool gadgets 10