Summer Activities for Kids: Free Summer Camp

summer activities for kids

Summer activities for kids are great when you want to keep their productivity levels up. So, why not try this free summer camp from Microsoft? It’s 100% free, online, and fun!

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How to Enter the Free Summer Camp

To join Microsoft’s free online summer camp, visit the link above. You’ll see the list of all the available programs there. Pick one, two, or even five that you like, and then register your child.

You’ll have to consent to your kid’s learning journey to be shared with the instructors or other participants as the event commences. You may or may not be required to attend the online camp with your child, too, depending on his or her age. Once you’ve registered, just show up on the required time.

free summer camp

Summer Activities for Kids: Microsoft’s Program

Microsoft’s free summer camp sessions is guaranteed as one of the best summer activities for kids. With it, your child will receive a digital passport where they can accumulate digital badges every time they complete a workshop.

The online summer camp’s sessions include STEM and Coding-related missions, various games that simulate the mind, digital tools that will encourage your child to explore their creative sides, and museum and world tours.

Some sample programs are Make Hustle Happen, Boost your Reading Confidence and Literacy Skills, Learn to Design and Code Apps, Virtual Travel with Bing to Various Places such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, Cuisine from Around the World, and Hour of Code Minecraft.

Note that these summer activities for kids commence at specific times, so be sure to pick the right timezone or sync your timezone to when it happens.

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