Stevia Sweetener Sample: Truvia Sachets + $1 Coupon

Stevia Sweetener Sample: Truvia Sachets and Coupon

Sugar substitutes are increasingly becoming popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Why risk getting diabetes or making it worse when you can use natural sweeteners? So, inventors had come up with a famous answer: stevia sweetener. This healthy sugar alternative is sweeter than sugar itself, but it doesn’t add up to a high calorie or sugar intake. Now, do you want to try it? If so, you’re in luck! Truvia is giving away two free sachets of their stevia sweetener and a $1 coupon.

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How to Get Your Free Stevia Sweetener

To get a taste of this healthy sugar, start by clicking on the link above. Then, fill in Truvia’s form with your name, email address, shipping address, and age range. You’ll also have to state why you wanted to try natural sweeteners. This means Truvia will ask you if you have existing health conditions or diets that require you to go for sugar substitutes.

Once you’re done filling the form, confirm your request. After that, wait for two to three weeks to receive your free Truvia sachets and $1 discount coupon.

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Sugar Substitutes: Healthy Sugar Alternatives

What are sugar substitutes and why are they considered healthy sugar alternatives? Well, we all know sugar tastes good, and too much of any good thing is bad for you.

When people develop diabetes from too much daily sugar consumption, they’ll need to be mindful of their sugar intake and sometimes switch to sugar alternatives. Likewise, people on certain diets may also opt for natural sweeteners to fit their lifestyles.

So, sugar substitutes are seen as the healthier alternatives when their benefits outweigh the negatives especially when you compare it to the harmful things normal sugar may do to your body.

However, note that not all sugar substitutes may be healthy. Sometimes, artificial sweeteners may cause more harm than good. That’s how the stevia sweetener was born. The stevia sweetener is one of the best natural sweeteners out there that guarantees you’ll still feel like you’re consuming sugar despite actually only taking an alternative.

In this case, Truvia’s stevia sweetener is made from three main ingredients: stevia, erythritol, and natural flavors such as salt or pepper. What makes this product labeled as a healthy sugar is the way it only has these ingredients and nothing more.

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