Save the Planet: Free Park Cleaning Supplies from Alt NPS

save the planet

Are you trying to figure out ways to save the planet without joining environmental groups? Well, park cleaning is a good way to start. You don’t have to worry about not having the equipment to be a cleaning volunteer – you can request free cleaning supplies from Alt National Park Service. So, if you’ve always wanted to join the fight against environmental pollution but never knew where or how to start, grab this opportunity now!

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How to Save the Planet

If you want to start lessening environmental pollution, start with park cleaning. Besides making a huge impact with such a small action, it also makes your area even more beautiful. To claim your free cleaning supplies, simply go to the link above.

The link will take you to Alt National Park Service’s website, where you can request your park cleaning materials. There, fill in the form with your basic details and also tell them the name of the park you wish to clean. Once done, you’ll receive your free cleaning supplies within one to three weeks.

free cleaning supplies for park cleaning from Alt NPS

Free Park Cleaning Supplies from Alt NPS

Alt NPS knows that to save the planet, we need to work together. Hence, they’re doing their best to encourage cleaning volunteers to help out by giving free park cleaning supplies.

Each free package contains a few biodegradable bags and washable gloves alongside a reflective vest, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, sunscreen, and a bumper sticker. The sticker has “Restore the Planet” printed on it.

So, if you want to start your adventure against environmental pollution, don’t hesitate to request free cleaning supplies from Alt NPS. With this, you can make a difference.

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