Personal Lubricant Sample: Free Lube from Astroglide

personal lubricant sample

It doesn’t matter if you prefer water-based lubricants or silicone lubricants. Astroglide has you covered. More importantly, Astroglide is giving away free personal lubricant samples! The lubricant types they offer are normal liquid lube, gel lubricant, silicone-made lube, organic lubricant, oil lube, or massage lotion. So, hurry and pick your free lube now while supplies last!

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How to Get Your Free Lube

To receive a personal lubricant from Astroglide, start by visiting the provided link. Then, pick your free lube. If you like something that washes off easily, you can go for one of the lubricants in their liquid or gel collection.

However, if you prefer a water-proof lubricant, you can opt for silicone. Meanwhile, the best choices for people with sensitive skin are organic and oil lubricants.

Once you’ve picked your preferred personal lubricant, fill in their form with your essential details. This includes your name, shipping and email address, phone number, age, gender, and your preferred lube.

When you’re done with that, proceed to the next step and then send them your details. You can expect your water-based lubricant or silicone lubricant sample to arrive within four to six weeks.

free lube from Astroglide

Personal Lubricant Collection by Astroglide

If you can’t figure out which personal lubricant is for you, read on. Astroglide offers liquid, gel, ultra gentle gel, silicone liquid, silicone gel, organic, oil, and massage lotion lubricants.

The liquid or water-based lubricant easily washes off, while the gel lubricant stays longer and offers relief from vaginal dryness. The ultra-gentle gel lubricant is almost the same as the liquid gel except that it’s more hypoallergenic. Meanwhile, the silicone liquid lubricant is highly waterproof and hypoallergenic, and the gel version of this lasts longer.

On the other hand, the organic liquid lubricant is 95% natural and perfect for people with sensitive skin, while the oil and lotion blend promises to be lightweight and skin-nourishing.

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