Perfume Samples: Free Floral Perfume From Viktor & Rolf

perfume samples from Viktor&Rolf

Maybe you like floral perfumes, or maybe you’re looking for new perfumes to try on and switch to. If so, consider signing up for Viktor & Rolf’s newsletter to receive perfume samples! This perfume brand is currently promoting its bestseller, the Flowerbomb. So, when you sign up, you’ll receive a 1.2mL sample of either their Flowerbomb Classic or Flowerbomb Dew.

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How to Get Your Free Perfume Samples

To get your free perfume, visit the link above. Then, click on Sign Up. You’ll be asked to share your basic details such as your name, email, and shipping address. Once you’re done, you should receive your perfume samples after a while depending on your location.

Viktor & Rolf Perfumes: Floral Perfume Flowerbomb Sample

Here are some fun things about Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb that you may not have known. First, it took three years to make. Contrary to the usual fashion collections that they’ve devised, perfume samples took years to make instead of the mere months clothes may take.

Second, Flowerbomb has 499 other variations before they finally found the right scent. And despite its name, the Flowerbomb isn’t strongly floral. Rather, it simply has a flowery air.

floral perfume Flower Bomb by Viktor&Rolf

Third, the Flowerbomb was once banned in a European airport because its case looked like a grenade. Viktor & Rolf calls their perfume bottle the diamond grenade.

Lastly, the print ad of this perfume never used any celebrities because the creators wanted to give all women the opportunity to relate to it. Hence, the ad, which had the image of a nude woman covered by a sheer veil, has never been changed since its launch.

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