Online Eye Exam – Free Eye Test by 1800 Contacts

online eye exam

Not sure where to get your eyes checked? How about trying this free eye test? You’ve read that right – 1800 Contacts is offering a free online eye exam to anyone who needs it! So, what are you waiting for? Take this online eye test now and be assured about your eyes’ health!

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How to Get Your Free Online Eye Exam

To start your free eye test, follow the link above. It will take you to 1800 Contacts’ exam page. There, you’ll be asked for necessary details such as your age, location, and eye health history.

Then, you’ll move on to the redness check, where all you have to do is turn your camera on and fit your eyes inside the ovals. The page will automatically capture pictures of you so a doctor can check your eyes for redness.

After that, you’ll enter the vision test. That’s the most essential part of this free online eye exam, of course. For this, you’ll have to stand ten feet away from your computer and then recite the letters you perceive out loud.

The final step of this online eye test will be entering your current prescription if you have one. Then, you’ll receive your results and new or renewed prescription within 24 hours via email.

free eye test

Free Eye Test from 1800 Contacts

Eye exam prices are increasing, but it doesn’t have to if the eye examination is done online. This company understands that looking at eye charts and being swiftly evaluated based on a checklist doesn’t have to be expensive.

With this online eye test, you can renew your prescription from home. So, if you need an eye exam but couldn’t afford it or spare time to go out, take this test now!

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