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Best Netflix Alternative

All the main stream video service providers like Netflix are the same, you can never find anything new to watch. Cinematrix is the best Netflix Alternative. You can watch thousands of movies that other providers don’t have, while all these movies are still high quality.

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Why You Have to Try the New Netflix Alternative

Cinematrix releases new movies constantly, especially the most recent top box office movies, making it the best Netflix alternative. While doing that they still have the classic movies that everyone loves, like my favorite The Breakfast Club.

Why Do I Love Cinematrix

I love Cinematrix because of all the different movies it offers in every genre. My favorite genre is science fiction and they have hundreds of movies in that genre to choose from that I’ve never seen before.

Free Netflix Alternative

Cinematrix is also great for friends and family visiting, so when me and my buddies want to watch a new movies none of us have seen before, we can find one with ease. Cinematrix also recommends new movies based on my preferences allowing me to binge movies of the same genre if I have the time to sit for hours.

Reasons you should get your free 7 day trial now

  • Cinematrix offers more high quality movies than any other provider.
  • Thousands of movies with new ones being added daily makes it so that you never get bored of watching movies.
  • It’s cheaper than other alternatives with the same movies
  • If you don’t like what Cinematrix offers, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want with no penalties.
  • Best of all it’s completely legal! Unlike downloading movies online.
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