Natural Dog Food Sample: Nature’s Logic Coupon

natural dog food sample

If you’re looking for the best natural dog food, your search ends here. Nature’s Logic is giving away a free dog food bag! Their organic dog food contains clean ingredients that’ll give your pet clean energy. This means it’s free from synthetic vitamins and is guaranteed to be 100% natural.

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How to Get Your Free Dog Food

Since the free dog food weighs a pound, you’ll have to claim it on a participating store. This goes against what you may be used to by now, but why complain when you’re getting a whole bag of organic dog food for free?

To allow your dog to taste the best natural dog food, start by clicking on the link above. Then, fill in the form with your name, email address, and zip code. After that, press on Get My Coupon and check your mail. You can claim your free dog food bag at any time in any participating store as long as they have stocks.

Nature's Logic Distinction Dog Food

Nature’s Logic Organic and Natural Dog Food Mix

Distinction is one of the latest recipe collection by Nature’s Logic. Basically, this collection features only the best natural dog food ingredients. It doesn’t have any harmful additives, synthetic vitamins, or allergens. Likewise, it prioritizes whole meat ingredients to ensure your dog gets the authentic nutrients and energy it deserves.

By claiming their product has no synthetic vitamins, Nature’s Logic sourced their organic dog food’s vitamins only from sources like fish oil, sardines, dried vegetables, and dried fruits. However, they removed peas and potatoes from the mix and instead used millet. Millet is this magic food that has lower sugar than peas and potatoes, and it happens to be gluten-free, too.

The Distinction collection from Nature’s Logic features beef, chicken, pork, and sardine as its flavors. It also prides itself to be highly compatible with dogs that possess sensitive stomachs. More importantly, the mixture of organic ingredients and care that they’ve put in this product ensures your dog will appreciate the dog food’s taste and the energy it provides.

Mostly, it’s available in natural food retailers or your local pet specialty shops. However, you can also check their website for a reference guide, or search them up online for retailers.

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