LED Flashlight and LED Bulbs Free from Lamps Plus

LED flashlight sample free from Lamps Plus

If you’re looking for free samples of LED bulbs or maybe a free LED flashlight, you’re in luck! Lamps Plus is giving away free coupons that don’t require any purchase to use. They have limited stocks, so claim your coupons now and head over to their physical store to get your free LED light bulb, bulbs, or keychain torchlight.

CLICK HERE to get your Free LED Bulbs

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How to Get Your Free Light Bulbs

First, click on the link provided above. Then, check the freebies that you wish to claim. If you want both the LED bulbs and the LED flashlight, you can check the boxes corresponding to them. For the light bulbs, you have the option to choose between a dozen frosted or clear candelabras and a medium spiral light bulb.

Once you’ve picked your freebie, enter your email address and zip code. You’ll receive your free coupon via email, and then you’ll have to head over to a Lamps Plus store to get your LED flashlight or LED bulbs.

Lamps Plus stores can be found in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. If you don’t know the exact location of their stores, you can also check their online store finder.

led bulbs free from Lamps Plus

LED Flashlight and LED Bulbs from Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus sells all kinds of lighting. They offer chandeliers, ceiling lights, table and floor lamps, wall lights, and outdoor lights. Besides that, they also have ceiling fans, fountains, and other furniture. However, since their specialty is light, they’re offering free LED flashlights and LED bulbs so you can see for yourself just how high-quality their products are.

Of course, you have to go to their physical store to claim their freebies, but it should be worth your while especially if you’re close to their store.

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