Kylie Lip Kit Giveaway – Makeup Samples – 2018

free kylie lip kit

Want to get a Kylie Lip Kit? Today, we are hosting a Kylie Lip Kit Giveaway in exchange for a short survey! All you have to do is enter you email and we will send the survey information within minutes. Click the link below to get started:

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What Is A Kylie Lip Kit?

With our Kyle Lip Kit Giveaway you get makeup samples from Kylie Jenner Cosmetics. Inside the kit you will find both Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner. There are multiple different varieties of each including different colors that you get to choose from.

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Kylie Jenner who became famous by being born into the Kardashian Clan decided to create a cosmetics brand after they all became heavily publicized for their great looks. In particular, for their excellent makeup quality.

So if you’ve been wanting to try the Kylie Jenner Lipstick but have never actually wanted to spend the money then this is your chance. You’ll get to test out the makeup samples for yourself and see if they actually live up to the hype. Which, by the way, they absolutely do. We’ve tested them ourselves and they work wonders.

The only thing you need to do to receive them is click the link below. Then you need to enter your email address. After that you’ll receive an email with a quick survey. Once the survey is complete you’ll have the option to pick your styles and colors, then they will send you the shipping information!

Just click the link below to get started and test out your own Kylie Lipstick and Lip Liner.

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