Chance to Win $150,000.00 Dream Car – Instant Win Sweepstakes

Want to win a $150,000 car? Play for a chance to win yours in this Instant Win Sweepstakes. Absolutely no purchase necessary. With this contest you get a chance to win a dream car of your choice. Click the link below to enter:

CLICK HERE for a Chance to Win $150,000 Dream Car

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 How You Can Win This Instant Play Sweepstakes

To start off, I absolutely love instant win sweepstakes. With most other contests that I enter I don’t find out if I won or not for weeks or months. Usually by that time I’ve completely forgotten. But with Instant Win contests you literally find out immediately.

The crazy part is that I’ve actually won an one of these instant play sweepstakes before. For mine they weren’t giving away cars, instead they were giving away dream vacations. I got to travel to fiji for a week. It was probably the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

That just goes to show how real these games actually are.

With this one you get a chance to win either a car that is valued at $150,000 or you can take the prize as a cash sum. Personally, I’d probably take the cash prize because that way you get a chance to go pick out the exact car of your choice. You can customize each detail to the specific way you like and even pick your own colors!

If I had to pick a car I’d really want to have the BMW i8. It’s such a beautiful car and man would it be amazing to drive one. Let alone own one! What car would you buy if you won this giveaway contest?

CLICK HERE to Enter the Dream Car Instant Play Sweepstakes