Healthy Bar Sample: LivBar Organic Protein Bars

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Finding a healthy bar these days isn’t that easy. Organic protein bars are everywhere, so the best protein bars may even be unnoticed by you. That’s when websites like these come in to help you notice products you may have missed. More importantly, it shows you where the free stuff is so you can test food or things before you officially buy. So, if you want to try new protein bars that also double as vegan energy bars, head on over to LivBar and claim their free coupon now!

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How to Get Your Healthy Bar Sample

Claiming your healthy bar sample is easy. First, click on the provided link. Then, enter your name and email on the form, and check your email for the coupon. After that, use LivBar’s store locator to find the store closest to you and claim one of their organic protein bars for yourself.

LivBar organic protein bars

LivBar Organic Protein Bars

So, what are the highlights of a healthy bar from LivBar? Well, you can be sure it’s plant-based, chewy, and nutritionally-balanced with real food ingredients and a certification from USDA that attests to the organicness of the energy bars. More importantly, it’s one of those organic protein bars that won’t freeze or melt.

Additionally, it comes in five flavors, which are Raspberry Kale Maca, Blueberry Vanilla Kale, Coffee Maple Cacao, Ginger Lemon Turmeric, and Lemongrass Cherry Matcha. LivBar strives to be one of the best protein bars for vegans and those who value and prefer purely healthy energy bars.

Each LivBar is handmade in a solar-powered factory in Salem, where it’s also packed in a compostable wrapper. So, if eating healthy and keeping the planet healthy is important to you, this one’s definitely a plus.

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