Goat Yogurt Sample + Food Giveaway

goat yogurt

Back then, milk had been exclusively sourced from cows. However, as our species discover more and more things about life, food, and health, things had continuously evolved. Now, there’s this thing called goat yogurt that claims to even be healthier than your typical yogurts. Did it get you curious? You can try it for free – Redwood Hill Farm is currently handing out free yogurt coupons and hosting a food giveaway.

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How to Get Your Goat Yogurt Sample

To claim your goat yogurt sample, click on the provided link above. There, you’ll have to fill in Redwood Hill Farm’s form with your name, email address, and zip code. Then, you’d be asked to read the terms and conditions of the food giveaway since requesting a free yogurt enters you to the food giveaway.

Once you’re done, just Goat for It and check your mail. You’ll instantly receive your free kefir yogurt coupon, and then be notified of the food giveaway’s result two weeks later. You can claim your free yogurt on any participating store.

food giveaway: free one year's worth of yogurt supply from Redwood Hill Farm

Food Giveaway: A Year’s Worth of Kefir Yogurt and Goat Milk

As mentioned before, besides the free yogurt, Redwood Hill Farm is also hosting a food giveaway. This food giveaway will guarantee a year’s worth of goat products to a lucky individual. However, you might be more curious about the specifics of goat milk and goat yogurt.

Of course, a goat yogurt obviously comes from goat milk, but what does a goat yogurt taste like? Well, according to most people, it’s slightly tart and gives off a dense, velvety texture. In addition, depending on the other ingredients of the yogurt, you may also notice it has this sweet and salty taste to it.

Now, what benefits does the goat milk have and how is goat milk different from cow milk? First, it’s easier to digest than cow’s milk because its curds are smaller. Second, goat milk is more tolerated by people allergic to cow milk because the goat milk barely contains any whey proteins or alpha S1 casein. Third, goat milk possesses higher percentages of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin A compared to cow milk.

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