Get a $100 Walmart E Gift Card Deal – 2018

free walmart gift cardWant a $100 Walmart Gift Card? Today, Consumer Rewards is hosting a Walmart e gift card deal where you can receive one at no cost! To start all you have to do is answer a couple easy questions. Click the link below to get this giveaway:

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Why I Use Walmart E Gift Cards

For some weird reason a lot of people don’t shop at Walmart. They literally just don’t go there. I have never understood this.

Walmart is one of the best places you could ever want to shop at. Inside the store you can find almost any type of product you are looking for. The same goes for shopping online at Walmart. In fact, they have even more products online than they do in the store!

One of my favorite things about shopping at Walmart is their excellent return policy. This is similar with most big brand name stores, but nonetheless it is worth mentioning. Over the years there have been a few times where I have had to return a product.

Literally, every single time they have accepted my return without any questions and given me back cash right then and there. Yes, cash. Not a Walmart gift card or some sort of coupon/voucher.

Now that we’ve covered why I shop there.. let’s talk about this deal. You can literally get a $100 Walmart e Gift Card for just answering a few simple questions and entering your email address.

I’ve taken advantage of this offer myself and you’d be crazy not too. They send the gift card information by email as well as confirm that you received it. This isn’t the only deal they have so check here for me. We post new ones daily!

CLICK HERE for the $100 Walmart E Gift Card Deal