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Whats Great About The New iPhone XS?

Every year we hear about the brand new cell phones that are coming out. Most notable and also most sought after of all the new phones is the iPhone. iPhone’s are some of the most well crafted, easiest to use cell phones in today’s time.

For this reason I always make sure to upgrade to the newest version of the phone each year. And I’ve never regretted a single time!

So with that said I’d like to round up a couple of the most compelling reasons to get the new iphone xs:

  1. The iPhone XS has a bigger screen than the previous iPhones.
  2. The display is better and higher quality than the previous ones.
  3. The New iPhone XS has a better selfie camera.
  4. The New iPhone XS has a faster more secure way to lock/unlock it.
  5. Due to the newer technology inside it the iPhone XS will have a higher resale value than any of the other iPhones.

These are just a few of the reasons I plan on upgrading mine this year. Aside from them, the other main reason I do is because technology is changing every single day. It’s changing fast and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon. For this reason if you don’t update you phone every year then you will soon fall behind.

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