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Want FREE laundry detergent? Today, we are giving away FREE Tide Pods. This is better than tide coupons because you don’t have to buy anything. They will just be shipped to your doorstep. Click the link below to claim this deal:

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 Why Use This Tide Pods Coupon?

Usually, I get tide coupons for the normal laundry detergent, but this is a virtual tide coupon for their pods. They are far superior in my opinion. If you haven’t had a chance to try them our yet I’ll explain why you should.

With liquid laundry detergent you have to measure it out into a cup and over time they end up making a mess. I’ve even had one instance where I was at a laundromat and I dropped my tide laundry detergent. The top snapped off and the detergent spilled all over the floor.

It looked like a flood of blue liquid. You don’t really realize how sticky and invasive laundry detergent is until you clean a whole gallon of it off the floor.

The good thing is that you can avoid situations like that by taking advantage of this tide pods coupon. With the pods all you have to do is reach into the box, pick up a pod, and throw it into the washing machine.

That’s it! No mess, no hassle, nothing. The only problem I’ve ever encounter using them is that it can become a little difficult to run a small load. Since the pods are one size fits all you can’t choose a smaller amount of laundry detergent.

So as you can see the pros greatly outweigh the cons. To claim this tide pods coupon and get yours click the link below:

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