Free Stickers – Free Stickers by Mail

free stickers

As months went by and we got used to new conveniences, most of us had now learned to depend on delivery staff. To show your gratitude to mail carriers and those who deliver your goods to your home, MoveOn is giving away free stickers. You don’t have to download or print anything on sticker papers. The best part is you can get these stickers by mail!

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How to Get Your Free Stickers by Mail

Follow the link above. That will lead you to MoveOn’s survey page. Then, enter your basic details like name, email, address, and zip code. After that, just click on Submit and wait for your stickers to arrive!

Stickers – We Love Package Carriers

Imagine a life without any delivery staff. Can you picture having a business and needing to be the one to deliver all your orders every day while also making sure you’re marketing and watching over your shop’s growth? Can you see yourself driving eight hours to get this one item available only in another state when you could have just had someone deliver it to your home instead?

free stickers by mail

If you can’t, then now’s your chance to show your appreciation! Encourage and support mail carriers and delivery staff everywhere by getting some of these free stickers. It will not only cheer them up but also inspire them to keep going.

Let’s remind our package carriers about just how important their job is. Even if you sometimes don’t interact with them face to face, you can let them know we’re grateful for their help. Get your free stickers by mail now!

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