Free Slurpee Day – Seven Eleven Day

Free Slurpee Day - Seven Eleven Day

Everyone knows the joys of sipping on a 7-eleven Slurpee during the middle of the summer. It is a wonderful tradition in my house to go get our free Slurpee every seven eleven day each year! Click the link below to see all the delicious flavors you can get for free too soon! 

CLICK HERE To Get Your Free Slurpee!

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How To Get Your Free Slurpee from Seven Eleven

This is basically a holiday because it is even called 7-Eleven day. You simply have to go into any 7-eleven that is participating in the event, which is most of them. This is from 11 am all the way until 7 pm to get a free Slurpee. You will be able to get one free small Slurpee of your choice. 

This free Slurpee is only available from 11am-7pm on 7/11/19 which is this Thursday. You can choose from any flavor you want, or you can mix flavors as well. This happens once a year every July 11th, so if you miss this week’s, you always have next year!

Free Slurpee Day - Seven Eleven Day

Seven Eleven Day 

Growing up, we lived for free Slurpee day. We would mark it on our calendar and anticipate it all throughout the year. The family all went together to get our free Slurpees. We would all get a different flavor, so we could try them all. 

One of our favorite things to do is to mix and match the different flavors to create new ones. This is not only a free Slurpee but a time to build many happy memories with your family and loved ones, so make it a holiday to your family. Stop in any 7-11 to get your free Slurpee on Thursday!

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