Free School Supplies: Art Kit and Teaching Materials

free school supplies

Want high-quality teaching materials and an art kit but can’t afford it? Check out Rent A Calc, then! They’re giving away free school supplies to both teachers and students weekly.

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How to Get Your Free School Supplies

Follow the link above to be taken to Rent A Calc’s website. Then, choose if you’re a teacher needing supplies or a student wishing for the freebies. Once you do, you’ll be taken to the respective giveaway pages.

Students have the option to choose between a calculator, protractor, or backpack. Depending on what you choose, you can participate in a raffle or request for an item right away. After picking, type in the school you’re enrolled in, how you found the giveaway, and your name, address, and email.

Meanwhile, teachers can get free rulers, pencils, or erasers without having to join a raffle. Simply choose from those three, then fill in the form. The form asks about how you found the free school supplies website, what grade you teach in and where, and the number of students and items you need. Of course, you’d also have to write down your name and email as well as the school’s shipping address.

All the art kit and teaching materials sent to you are completely free of charge. Rent A Calc also shoulders the shipping, so if you really need free school supplies, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

art kit & teaching materials

Art Kit and Teaching Materials from Rent A Calc

Rent A Calc offers both students and teachers free school supplies. They have teaching materials such as rulers, protractors, and calculators as well as an art kit with pencils and erasers.

Teachers can avail the freebies right away. All the items Rent A Calc will send you are labeled with their logo and not in their original packaging for promotional reasons.

Meanwhile, students a variety of options regarding their freebies. First, they can ask for pre-owned calculators that work as good as new, or join a weekly raffle for a chance to win a brand new graphing calculator. Second, they can join a raffle for a brand new and free Jansport backpack. Lastly, they can enter the raffle to win a protractor or leave a helpful comment about Rent A Calc somewhere and immediately earn a protractor.

Rent A Calc gives away three graphing calculators, five backpacks, and 48 protractors every week, so take advantage of this great find now!

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