Free Sample Boxes – Palm Oil Products

Free Sample Boxes - Palm Oil Products

Do you love the subscription boxes you see on all those ads but hate the price? I am right with you on that one! That is why I am so excited to get free samples boxes delivered straight to my door! You can get a free subscription box for all the Palm Oil products! Click the link to sign up for your free samples box!

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How To Get Your Free Palm Oil Products

This subscription box has quite a bit more questions than the normal freebie on here, but it is totally worth it because it is a box of free products! There is no cost for this box so this is amazing because you can get things for yourself,  your home, pantry, and even pets! 

There is a list of questions you need to answer which include: 

  1. How did you hear about us,
  2. If you have children, if so their names,
  3. Where do you buy cosmetics,
  4. Where do you grocery shop,
  5. Do you shop more online or in stores,
  6. What stores do you shop at,
  7. How much would you be willing to pay for products with environmental, palm oil-free or ethical claims,
  8. Choose your five favorite products for your box
Free Sample Boxes - Palm Oil Products

Free Sample Boxes

Palm Oil has created this box to build a community that is helping a better purpose. This box has Palm Oil products that do not have any harmful chemicals and that do not harm endangered species. With all these amazing aspects of this box, it really is a no brainer to sign up for their community so you can get your free sample boxes today! Sign up so you can start a change in your life today and help your environment as well.

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