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Have you ever traveled to Hawaii and seen those beautiful big flowers all around? Those are most often hibiscus flowers that come in a variety of colors and styles. Today, you can bring part of Hawaii with you with this next free sample! Hibiscus Products is giving away free samples for their Red Hibiscus Powder, so you can enjoy Hawaii without even going! Click the link below to get your free hibiscus products!

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How To Get Your Free Hibiscus Powder Samples

After clicking the link, you will be on their contact us page. Fill out the form provided to get your free complimentary sample! The form includes the normal information including your name, address, email, and phone number. They also will ask you a couple of questions involving: 

  1. Selecting the sample you want to receive 
  2. If you would like a sample or only information, or both 
  3. Any message you would like to let them know 

You can choose from three of their main products. Choose between their Hibiscus Concentrated Liquid Extract, Hibiscus Microcrystalline Flakes, or their Hibiscus Extract Powder. 

Add the Hibiscus Concentrated Liquid Extract to water to make a delicious authentic hibiscus drink. Hibiscus Microcrystalline Flakes do not have any additives and are ready to use however you want. Hibiscus Extract Powder is ground down and can be used for dry blending. 

Benefits of Hibiscus

hibiscus powder

I never knew there were any benefits to using hibiscus; however, when I researched I found so many! Not only are they beautiful flowers, but they are so beneficial to use on and inside our bodies. They have a bunch of antioxidants, can lower blood pressure, and blood fat levels. It also helps keep your liver running healthy and strong.

Drinking hibiscus can also help you lose weight and fight off bacterias. It is super easy to make and use. I’ve also seen that you can use it on your hair to help it grow. Lastly, it is a delicious drink, so why not try it out? Click the link above to access your free sample! 

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