Free Measuring Tape: Sewing Tape Measure from Short and Fat

free measuring tape

Are you looking for a free measuring tape? Well, look no further! Short and Fat, a cloth and fabric store for those who happen to be on the heavier side of the spectrum, is giving away a sewing tape measure to anyone who asks for it. So, if you don’t know where to buy a measuring tape or if you simply don’t want to spend money on a tape measure, claim this freebie now!

CLICK HERE to get your Free Measuring Tape

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How to Get Your Free Measuring Tape

To claim your free tape measure, start by clicking on the link above. Then, fill in the form. It asks for your name, zip code, city and state, street address, and email address as well as how you found the site. Once you’re done, expect your sewing tape measure to arrive via mail. Since it’s completely free, this is perfect if you don’t wish to buy a measuring tape.

Shirts by Short And Fat

Short and Fat Clothing Store

You may already have a clue about what this fabric and fashion store is about. Their mission is to help a specific group of people, who they refer to as vertically challenged but horizontally blessed men. With their clothes, they hope to boost their customer’s confidence.

More than that, they also offer free online courses, tips, tricks, strategies, and custom clothes from time to time. This way, they can serve everyone thoroughly and with care.

Their goal is to remind you that being horizontally blessed shouldn’t ruin your confidence. This also means being vertically challenged shouldn’t be an issue if you know how to see the beauty you already have. Likewise, they know just how important it is to be comfortable in your own clothes, so they have a page where you can design your own shirt and have them sew it for you.

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