Free Masks – Face Masks for US Citizens

free masks for us citizens

Coronavirus spread among us faster than anyone could have anticipated and changed our new normal. With its only known prevention as staying at home and social distancing, what can you do to protect yourself when you need to go out? Wear face masks. Don’t know where to find face masks? Well, you’re in luck – Dhvani is offering free face masks to everyone in the US. Whether you’re a health worker or a regular person, a free mask is what you need right now.

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How to Get Your Free Face Masks

It’s simple. If you’re afraid you have to go out for your free masks, don’t be. To get your free face masks sent to you, all you have to do is visit the link above. Then, fill out the form that asks for your email so they can send you updates, and your address so you can receive the face mask package.

The free masks would be very helpful to you if you’re an essential or healthcare worker, and you can’t find face masks for sale anywhere. However, it can also save your life if you’re a regular Joe or Jane just going out for groceries. These free masks offer a shield against the virus you might’ve breathed in if you were not wearing a mask.

How Masks Help Against the Coronavirus

face masks against coronavirus

Why are face masks crucial in preventing coronavirus spread when you’re outside your house? Well, we all know the virus spreads through droplets, and those droplets can cause illness when inhaled.

So, masks do two main things. First, they prevent the spread of the virus by limiting the possibility that you breathe in an infected person’s droplets. And more importantly, if someone is already sick, the face masks can stop the coronavirus from spreading to others by absorbing the droplets from an infected person’s sneeze or cough.

If you’re still hesitant about joining the mask-wearing bandwagon or you can’t afford to buy face masks, now is your chance. Visit the link above and get your free masks now! It’s better to be safe and cautious than sick and unsure.

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