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Did you know a free LEGO magazine from LEGO itself is possible? It’s completely free of charge and delivered directly to your house. With it, you’ll have access to LEGO ideas, LEGO stories, LEGO picture figures, LEGO costume designs, LEGO posters, and even just the LEGO classics. You can even opt to compete in the LEGO kid’s creation section and have your child’s art be featured!

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LEGO ideas and stories

A Brief History of LEGO

Of course, everyone has heard about LEGO. It’s everywhere, and it’s one of the most well-known toys out there. Sometimes, it’s not even just a toy – it’s a means of encouraging a child’s creativity. So, how did the LEGO come to be?

Well, the LEGO got its name from two Danish words, which are “leg godt.” When translated in English, it means “play well.” However, in Latin, this means “I put together.”

It all started when fire hit a woodworker’s workshop. Alongside that, the woodworker’s family also suffered from poverty that had been enough to push the woodworker into crafting products that are cheaper and easier to sell.

So, he went on to create toys. The first toy he invented was a wooden duck, whose beak opens and closes when it’s pulled. This toy attracted many buyers, and the woodworker discovered his talent at toymaking. At present, this wooden duck is not known as a coveted collectible.

However, LEGO had officially been born when the woodworker obtained a plastic-molding machine to produce more of his toy products. At first, LEGO had been called Automatic Binding Bricks. It then eventually evolved to being called LEGO Mursten, or LEGO bricks.

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