Free GPS Phone Tracker – Easy Phone Tracker

Free GPS Phone Tracker - Easy Phone Tracker

Have you ever lost your phone and have had to buy a new one, or are you just always forgetting where you put your phone? Either way, you will love this next freebie! Easy Trax Pro is giving away a free trial for their GPS Phone Tracker so click the link below to get your free tracker.

CLICK HERE To Get Your Free Phone Tracker!

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How To Get Your Free Tracker

First, click to make sure you are eligible to receive the free tracker because there is only a limited supply. Then, enter your name and email address. From there, you will need to enter your shipping address. Your free tracker will be shipped within 1 business day and will be shipped using USPS delivery.

Test out your phone tracker as soon as it arrives You have a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product. If you love it, simply keep it and continue the use. If not, you have 21 days from the day your order to return it.

Free GPS Phone Tracker - Easy Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker

Here is a simplified version on how to use your phone tracker. If you want to see the other features, check out the video at the beginning of their website. First, download the app: Easy Key Finder. Then open the app and press the button on the backside of the circle for 3 seconds. This will activate the device.

Then, you tap the Bluetooth icon on the phone. Next, tap the east find icon and the buzzer will beep and the led indicator will flash. Then press the key finder button and the phone will ring! From there, you can see the other functions of these trackers because they are truly amazing! Make sure to click the link below to get yours today before its too late.