Free Gift Card for Pets + Pet ID Tag

free gift card for pets

Want a free gift card for your pets? Sign up to Petfetch’s newsletter, then! You’ll receive a $15 e-gift card via mail, which can be used on The Anxious Pet, which sells supplements and calming pet products made by veterinarians. Besides the free gift card, you’ll also be notified once their free pet tag is available. The Pet ID tag is quite a steal, so it’s definitely worth signing up to.

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How to Get Your Free Gift Card for Pets

First, visit the link above. Then, fill in the form with your name, email address, phone number, city, state, and zip code. After that, Petfetch will also ask for your pet’s birthday and whether you have a cat, dog, or both. Once you’ve filled the form, simply submit and then check your email for your free gift card.

pet ID tag

Petfetch’s Pet ID Tag

What does Petfetch’s Pet ID tag feature? Is it one of those custom pet tags, engraved pet tags, or just a simple pet name tag? You could say it’s a little bit of all three.

Petfetch’s pet ID tag boasts a pre-engraved and unique ID number, which includes access to PetfetchID’s Pet Loss Retrieval Service. So, if your pet ever gets lost, you can count on Petfetch to help. Just don’t forget to fill in your pet’s online profile with a picture, name, medical conditions, and behavioral information.

You can buy the tag yourself, too, but you can also opt to wait when they have free ID tags available. That’s what signing up was for, and that’s where the free gift card for pets comes in. While waiting, you can spoil your pet in the meantime.

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