Free Fries from Steak ‘n Shake

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Craving fries to go with your steaks and burgers? Claim free fries from Steak ‘n Shake, then! Just be sure to go for drive-through, though, since that’s the only way you can get them.

CLICK HERE to get your Steak ‘n Shake Fries

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How to Get Your Free Fries

If you visit the link above, you’ll be taken to Steak ‘n Shake’s Facebook page. You don’t have to take a screenshot of the post or subscribe to anything. To claim your free fries, all you have to do is go for a drive-through on a participating Steak ‘n Shake store.

Then, upon ordering, ask for free fries and you’ll get them. However, note that there’s a limit of one freebie per customer per visit. Of course, that can’t stop you from coming back for more on other visits.

free fries from Steak 'n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake Freebies and Promos

Steak ‘n Shake regularly posts promotions on their Facebook page, so be sure to visit them there from time to time. Right now, their most popular promotion is the free fries upon request. However, they also have other good deals like $25 off your first EZCater order, Lays’ Potato Chips add-on, and various purchasable ready-to-cook items.

Additionally, Steak ‘n Shake has its own rewards club, where you can earn points and freebies. You can search for the Steak n’ Shake app in Google Play, so check it out if you haven’t yet! You can get $5 as a reward every time you accumulate 50 points.

Again, if you’re craving for fries, give Steak ‘n Shake a try! Order one of their tasty and high-quality burgers via drive-through, and then request for your free fries.

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