Free Fries Every Friday on McDonald’s

free fries every friday

It may seem like a dream that Fry Day Fridays exists where you’ll be given free fries on McDonald’s, doesn’t it? Well, not really – McDonald’s coupons and freebies always pop up every now and then because this classic fast-food favorite knows just how to make its fans happy. So, if you happen to have the McDonald’s app – head over to McDonald’s and claim your free medium fries every Friday!

CLICK HERE to get your Free Fries

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How to Get Your Free Fries

First, you have the option to click on the provided link above and read the instructions for yourself. Second, you can instead proceed reading here to realize how to get your free fries every Friday.

For McDonald’s latest promo that promotes Fry Days, you need the McDonald’s app. Search it up on the Playstore and download it if you haven’t yet. However, if you’re highly away of McDonald’s coupons and freebies, there’s a high chance that you already have it.

McDonald's coupons and freebies

Once you have the app, commence with Mobile Order & Pay. There’s one catch to getting your free fries every Friday: you need to spend at least $1 purchasing whatever you want.

Besides that, nothing else will hinder you from getting your free fries every Friday until the end of September. Now, go and enjoy your medium fries!

McDonald’s Coupons and Freebies: Fry Day Fries

As you know, McDonald’s like to make its customers happy. Besides giving great-tasting and classic comfort food, it throws promotions every now and then. More importantly, McDonald’s coupons and freebies are just the best.

So, if you’re a fan of this lovable fast-food restaurant, take advantage of all the Friday fry days now!

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