Free Energy-Saving Kits from Idaho Power

Free Energy-Saving Kits from Idaho Power

Have you recently gotten your power bill and noticed how expensive electricity is nowadays? I know I have. With my move, we just got our first electric bill ever and were shocked by the number! Idaho Power understands our struggles, so they are offering free Energy-Saving Kits! Click the link below to get your free kit and start saving today!

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How To Get Your Free Energy-Saving Kits

You need to be eligible before you can receive this kit. You need to be Idaho Power customers living in Idaho and Oregon. If you have an active, residential account, then you get the free energy-saving kit! The kits are mailed to the addresses associated with the account so you can’t mail anywhere else.

There is a limit to one kit per household. You can order the kit through the link above, or by calling the enrollment number, 1-800-465-6045, if that is easier for you. If you order online, if you received a mailer from them, then simply enter the 7-digit ID number on the mailer. Otherwise, you will need to enter your 10-digit account number to access your free kit.

Free Energy-Saving Kits from Idaho Power

Idaho Power

This kit will arrive directly at your home all cost-free. The kit contains efficient products along with other education and materials so you can become more energy-efficient in your own homes. The products in the kit are only to help you use energy more wisely.

The kit includes:

  • Nine LED bulbs
  • LED night light
  • High-efficiency showerhead*
  • Two faucet aerators for kitchen and bath*
  • Digital thermometer to check water temperatures throughout your home
  • Shower timer
  • Water flow-rate test bag

*sent only to customers with electric water heaters.

This is an amazing deal if you are customers for Idaho Power, so make sure to get this freebie today, before it is too late!

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