Free Earsavers: Essential Worker Freebies

free earsavers

If face masks don’t fit you quite right, you’re bound to suffer from ear pain and even headaches sooner or later. This is especially bothersome if you’re mandated to wear masks at work. Luckily, essential worker freebies exist – and these free earsavers just happen to be the perfect solution to your problem. So, request them now to end your suffering!

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How to Get Your Free Earsavers

To obtain these miraculous inventions, visit the link above. Then, press on Get Ear Savers. You also have the option to help print ear savers instead if you can afford to do so.

If you’re requesting for earsavers within a non-profit organization, you can get the earsavers shipped to you for free. However, if you’re an individual requesting for free earsavers, Glowforge will still send those to you at no cost besides shipping, which will typically be less than $5 via USPS unless you have a FedEx label.

On Glowforge’s request page, you’ll have to fill in a form that asks for your name, email, phone number, and address as well as some quick questions regarding your job or organization. Once you’re done, simply submit and Glowforge will contact you when the free earsavers are ready to be shipped.

essential worker freebies

Essential Worker Freebies

Everyone needs to work for our society to thrive and properly function as it should. However, with the risks associated to working today, certain organizations are trying to help ease workers’ suffering by giving away essential worker freebies.

This is where Glowforge comes in. Its aim is to relieve some of the burden essential workers have right now especially in regards to wearing masks. With the free earsavers, workers are guaranteed they won’t be injured with their daily face mask usage. Moreover, the earsavers are printed using 3D laser printers, too, so they’re guaranteed to be durable.

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