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free certification courses

Do you want to get certificates but don’t know how or where? Whether it’s for professional use or personal gain, certificates are always handy to have. So, here are free certification courses you can take – straight from Harvard itself with their distance learning plan!

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How to Get Your Free Certification Courses

You don’t have to physically go to Harvard for your free certification courses. With distance learning, a lot can be done online! Simply visit the link above and browse the available courses.

Once you’ve chosen the certificate you want to get, enter the site that hosts that course. From there, of course, you’d have to register to save your progress and get certified. Most of the time, the free Harvard courses are on EdX.

Harvard Distance Learning

Harvard aims to help learners who can’t afford to pay for certification courses. They believe everyone should have access to quality education, so they’re promoting distance learning for all.

distance learning

Harvard’s distance learning program covers computer science, data science, programming, medicine, health, humanities, social sciences, art, education, and business. With 97 courses to choose from, you’ll definitely find a program that you’re interested in.

So, if you’ve been waiting for a sign for you to finally take up an online course – here it is. Taking up online programs, improving your skills in certain areas, exploring a new potential hobby, or even polishing up your resume’s certifications list will always be a good use of your time.

Grab your opportunity to get free certification courses now while you can!

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