Free Bottle Opener: Flat Bottle Opener

free bottle opener

What’s better than a flat bottle opener? A free bottle opener, of course! If you’ve ever purchased from Desert Steel before, visit their website now and claim your free desert-inspired bottle opener.

CLICK HERE to get your Free Flat Bottle Opener

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How to Get Your Free Bottle Opener

To request a free multipurpose flat bottle opener from Desert Steel, open the link above. First, you need to have already bought something from their shop. Then, find the piece you’ve bought before and leave a review on that product. After that, email Shelly at Desert Steel regarding your review submission and to request your freebie. Don’t forget to tell her where your shipping address is, too, so they can send over your flat bottle opener.

flat bottle opener

Desert-Inspired Multipurpose Flat Bottle Opener and Other Things

Of course, if you’ve bought from Desert Steel before, you know what to expect from its products. However, if you haven’t yet, what you need to know is that Desert Steel makes steel art.

Two people, Eric and Richard, decided to showcase their love for steel and art into creating products that are both decorative and functional. They also want to share to the world just how beautiful steel can be if crafted for that purpose.

Their finished artwork are an assortment of steel items with different functions, but you can be guaranteed two things. First, all of those are desert-inspired and themed. Second, each item is made with pure love.

Most of their artworks are desert-themed steel plants, but they also have products such as desert-inspired lamps, feeders, and critters. Likewise, expect to see plenty of cacti and other desert flowers as well as pumpkins and desert animals.

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