Free Baby Box from Medela – Best Breast Pump

Best breast pump, free baby box from Medela

As soon as you become a parent, you are always trying to find the best deals and extra savings where you can. Diapers and wipes cost more than we initially think. We don’t really realize what supplies we will need for feeding our babies whether formula, pumping, or breastfeeding. Medela has us covered! They are offering a free baby box with lots of supplies every mom will use! Click the link below to access your Medela baby box!

CLICK HERE To Get Your Free Medela Baby Box!

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How To Get Your Free Baby Box

When you click the link, provide your email and baby’s due date. Then, the next page you decide if you want the free baby box or not, and of course, you do! Enter in your shipping address and you will be all set. Finally, they ask how you plan to feed your baby. After all that, you will get a free box in 6-8 weeks!

While every box may be different, your box can include the following:

  • breast milk storage bags,
  • disposable nursing pads,
  • micro-steam bag,
  • and tender care lanolin cream.

Medela Mom’s Room

best breast pump free baby box medela

As soon as you sign up, you will become a member of Medela’s Mom Room for free. You will have access to all sorts of free information, tips, and resources that every new parent will need. They also help you find a pump with your insurance as well. You get free 24/7 access to professionals and lactation consultants.

While there are many breast pumps that work just fine, no other has this amazing program like Medela. Medela truly is the best breast pump because of all the free gifts and services they provide mothers. Whether you plan to pump or not, Medela will always be the best choice! Click the link above to get your free baby box!

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