Free A&W Root Beer – Free A&W Coupons

A&W Coupons, A&W Root Beer

With summer quickly approaching, you will need to stock up on good drinks to keep you hydrated and cool, especially with all those late night summer BBQs! A&W is having an amazing deal going on right now where you can get free A&W coupons for a 2-liter bottle!! Click the link below to get your free A&W!

CLICK HERE To Get Your Free A&W Coupon!

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How To Get Your Free A&W Coupons

Click the link and enter in your information including your name, email, and address, and birthday. Then there are three options to opt in for, and only two are required. The first is to make sure you read and agree with their terms and conditions. The second is to understand their privacy policy. The final one is if you want to get emails about more free stuff from A&W!

At the very end, there is a question to make sure you are human which is a simple math problem. After you fill out all that information, you are all set! Most importantly, when you fill out this form, you pledge to take an hour off from technology every Friday night during the summer and spend that time with family.

After that, you will automatically be able to print out your coupon! You will get a free 2-liter bottle of any of the A&W soda! You can choose from any flavor, regular, or diet. This is up to $1.99 value. This is only for one coupon per purchase and the coupon will expire 09/30/2019, so don’t wait too long to get your coupon.

A&W coupons, A&W root beer

Family Time

I love the idea that A&W has with this free coupon because spending time with family should be one of our highest priorities. Lately, nowadays, everyone spends most of their time on technology, which ultimately takes away from their families.

With this free A&W coupon, you will be able to spend a designated time each week with your family and be able to build stronger and happier relationships with each other because that is what truly matters! U do not think this offer will last much longer, so click the link above to get your free AW coupon and start sipping that soda together as a family!

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