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 How Advil Coupons Help Your Pain

To start off, some people swear by Advil and some other people swear by Tylenol. They claim that one works better than the other. Now, this may be true on an individual by individual basis. However, it’s my personal opinion that they both work great, but for different things.

Advil, for me, tends to give me better results when trying to battle a fever or dealing with a headache. Usually I will take just 1 gel cap and within 45 minutes my fever goes down or my headache disappears completely. It’s a blessing!

Now, Tylenol on the other hand doesn’t seem to work so well for fevers. What Tylenol does great with is small aches and pains. Such as pain from cuts and muscle pains. It even removes muscle soreness from working out. It also seems to do very well with headaches, just not fevers. I would like to note that you should probably not mix the two medications at the same time.

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