Limited Edition Fortnite PS4 Game Giveaway 2018

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Do you want a Limited Edition Fortnite Game? Look no further! The company National Consumer Center is now giving out copies of the game for PS4 ($150) to anyone who wants them.

To get yours just click the link below & enter your email:

Get My Limited Edition Fortnite Game Now

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What Is Fortnite? How Does This PS4 Giveaway Work?

Fortnite is currently the #1 most popular video game in the world. They have millions of players in every country and for a good reason. It has a very unique playing style called a “Battle Royale”.

Each match starts with 100 players and they all fight each other until there is only 1 person left. They are then declared the winner.

The best part about it is that every single match each players starts out completely equal. No matter how many hours someone else has played the game they will always start each match the same way.

This makes for a game where the playing field is leveled out. It also makes it better for those players that don’t play very often, but still want to be competitive when they do.

(Look at the price of the limited edition pack we are giving away)

fortnite xbox free ps4 giveaway

I’ve personally played Fortnite for many hours. It’s just about the only game I play nowadays, which is saying a lot. I used to only play first person shooter games such as call of duty, but not since Fortnite has been around.

So enough about the game itself. Let’s talk a little about the deal you came here for.

The way this limited edition Fortnite PS4 game giveaway works is:

  1. You click the red button below
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Fill out a quick survey
  4. Play your limited edition Fortnite game

Stop waiting around and play the limited edition version of Fortnite today!