Fly Repellent: Get Rid of Flies on Farm

fly repellent

Wondering how to get rid of flies on your farm? Try this free fly repellent, then! They’re natural fly eliminators guaranteed to give you a happy life. Arbico Organics stands by their product and believes after you’ve tried their free fly eliminators, you’ll come back for more on the next season! So, grab your free sample now while supplies last.

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How to Get Rid of Flies on Your Farm

Visit the link we provided. That’ll take you to Arbico Organic’s Fly Eliminators page. Once there, simply place your order and you’re done. Note that according to Arbico Organics, you should opt to have your free fly repellent sample shipped somewhere around the time when frost is done in your area.

If you’re wondering how to use your natural fly control enforcers, follow the following steps. First, make one-inch holes on the ground. Then, sprinkle a handful of the fly repellent mixture there and cover them with manure or straw.

get rid of flies on your farm with fly eliminators

You can put as many or as little as you want. However, for best results, prioritize planting a large amount of the repellent on areas the pesky flies usually vacate. Once done, you’re guaranteed to get rid of flies in your farm as these fly eliminators travel up to 150 feet in search of their prey.

Arbico Organics’ Fly Repellent

This free fly repellent sample is specifically designed to get rid of flies on farms with horses. It’s good enough to repel two to five horses against flies, and can last you two to four weeks.

However, what exactly does Arbico Organics’ Fly Eliminators do and what is it made of? Well, for starters, this mixture contains parasitic wasps alongside wood chippings. The wasps get rid of flies by looking for fly pupae to lay their eggs on. Once their eggs hatch, the flies get eaten for their nutrients.

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