Films for Students: Watch Free Movies

films for students

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for students to learn the essence of social justice and the impact the past system had on the world. So, Teaching Tolerance is trying to help out by providing films for students. With this, students and teachers can watch free movies. They can do so from either the comforts of their homes or in a classroom using the provided film kits.

These films for students are well-suited for public libraries, schools, and nonprofit houses or organizations. Alternatively, if you simply wish to learn more about social justice through movies, you may stream the selection of free movies online.

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How to Watch Free Movies

To watch these social justice movies or request their corresponding film kits, you first have to log in or register to Teaching Tolerance. Registration is free and used for record-keeping purposes as well as your convenience. Once you’re done, simply pick the movie you’d like to stream or order, and you should be all set.

watch free movies

Films for Students: What Teaching Tolerance has in Store

Teaching Tolerance has the following films: An Outrage, Viva la Causa, Starting Small, Selma: the Bridge to the Ballot, One Survivor Remembers, Mighty Times: The Children’s March, Bullied: a Student, a School, and a Case that Made History, and America’s Civil Rights Movements.

Most of those films focus on movements that changed a significant part of the world. Besides that, Teaching Tolerance also offers newsletters, film guides, magazines, lesson and learning plans, teaching strategies, student texts, printable posters, webinars, and podcasts. All of those are meant to pave a way to having a more diverse democracy in the future.

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