FREE PS4 Dreadnought Beta Keys – Instant Closed Beta Access

dreadnought beta

Want to be a PS4 closed beta tester? We have access to FREE Dreadnought Closed Beta Keys. If you love gaming then this deal is for you! They will send the details to your email address. Just click the link below to claim this offer:

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Why Join Dreadnought Beta?

Dreadnought puts you in command of massive capital ships for tactical warfare throughout the Solar System and across the skies of different planets. So, you’ll find yourself in titanic supersized cruisers flying through space and exploring different worlds in 5 v 5 combat.

Most of the action is viewed from 3rd person where you will be able to look at your ships from above as they unleash hell on your enemies.

There are five different classes of ships available. One for each type of player. Therefore, if you like to hang out on the outskirts of fights and shoot long ranged weapons at people. Or, if you like to be right up in the thick of the battle, trust us there is a spot for everyone.

By claiming this deal you will get access to the closed beta. While this means that you get to play and test the game out before anyone else can.

There are only a limited amount of dreadnought closed beta keys that are in circulation. So if you’re interested then join today.

So, if you like action packed games that allow you to control and fight with huge ships or vehicles then you need to give it a try. Most of all is the insane explosive graphics during the battles.

This game gets released in 2017 but you can be one of the first to test it by signing up to test the BETA version on PS4 now!

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