Dollar Shave Club Promo – Shave Club FREE for a Year

Shave Club for Women

Don’t waste your money on razors. Enter this sweepstakes to win a FREE subscription to Shave Club for a year! Shaving is something that many of us need to do on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the cost of razors keeps going up and we end up spending TONS of money when we could be getting them completely FREE. Click the link below to claim this offer:

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If you aren’t familiar with the whole concept of a shave club let us explain it quickly. Now remember, this is something you will win for free. Normally, you would pay a monthly subscription of somewhere between $5 and $30 per month and the service such as Dollar Shave Club would send you a monthly package.

Inside this package you get access to all sorts of different razors or shaving accessories. Such as Shave Butter, Pre-Shave Oil, Post-Shave Cream such as aftershave, face wipes and multiple different types razors.