Cancer Patient Gift: Free Cowboy Hat

cancer patient gift from Cowboys Who Care

If you’re looking for free stuff for cancer patients or a cancer patient gift, you may want to check this cowboy gift out. They’re from Cowboys Who Care, an organization with regular helpers that advocate gifting cowboy hats to cancer patients as well as other kids with life-threatening illnesses. All their hats are brand new and made by Resitol.

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How to Get This Cowboy Gift

To claim this cancer patient gift, visit Cowboys Who Care’s website by clicking on the link above. Then, fill in the form with the receiver’s name, gender, age, hat size, and personal address. After that, type in the receiver’s guardian’s email and phone number.

You may also tell them your story before submitting the form. Once you’re done, wait for four to six weeks to receive the free stuff for cancer patients or kids with life-threatening illnesses.

free cowboy hat

Cowboys Who Care: Cancer Patient Gift

Cowboys Who Care only give away cowboy and cowgirl hats that are brand new and made by Resitol. All of their hats are genuine and not something that you can get just from anywhere. Hence, this makes for a great cancer patient gift.

Their goal is to give hope to the kids as well as allow the kids to have something to look back at 20 to 30 years from now. Since their cowboy gift is of high-quality, you can be sure it’ll last for years.

Resitol’s Cowboys Who Care cowboy and cowgirl hats also come in 10 to 15 styles, and three or four different hat bands. They understand every child is special, so they made sure that each hat is unique to each child as well.

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