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best tea

Are you an avid tea lover? Do you also love to blog and write about products you find and love? New Mexico Tea Company is letting you sample their tea for free, if you blog about what you like or dislike about their teas! If that sounds like a fun thing to do, click the link below to get your free samples of the best tea out there!

CLICK HERE To Get The Best Tea for Free!

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How To Get The Best Tea For Free

This sample is different from normal samples because it requires you to blog about your experience with their teas. First, fill out the form once you click the link. Fill out your information including your name, email, address, website, phone number, and your choice of teas. You can get up to 3 samples per request!

Each sample will have 1-2 ounces of tea. Then, once you get your samples, try them out! You will have two weeks from the time you receive your samples to write the blog posts about them. Specific requirements for the blog posts are provided in the next section.

best tea

Blog Posts For Your Samples

With these free samples from the New Mexico Tea Company, you will need to write some blog posts. Here are the requirements for the posts:

  • You must make your first post within 2 weeks of receiving your samples
  • Each tea should have its own post
  • Each post must include at least one of your own pictures as well as a link to the item on our site
  • Your review does not have to be positive, but please make it constructive

They provide you with a ton of resources, so you will have everything you need to write your blog posts! They give you links, photos, and their logos, along with information about the company and the teas you have selected.

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