Best Soy Candles – Free Waxt – Non-Toxic Candles

Best Soy Candles - Free Waxt - Non Toxis Candles

Candles have always been a must-have item in my home. However, I recently found out how toxic they can be for you in your homes. Yeagley’s Designs has some of the best soy candles ever made and they are non-toxic, so your house can smell fresh and be safe all the time! They are giving away some free sample sticks of their candles! Click the link below to access your free samples! 

CLICK HERE To Get Your Free Waxt Sample Sticks! 

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How To Get Your Free Waxt Samples

There is a form on their page once you click the link. Read through it and fill out all your information. Then, you will need to choose which scents you want to receive. There are six scents to choose from including Orange umber, True Crush, Cherry Lust, Sweet Embrace, Winters Dance, and Cozy Up. Get one, or get multiple to test out, the choice is yours!

Then there is a space for you to put down any questions or comments you might have about the products. Please note, these are not candles or wax melts of any kind. These are sample sticks of the candles. You get these to test out the smells before so you can get the candle you love the best! 

Best Soy Candles

Best Soy Candles - Free Waxt - Non Toxis Candles

Because I love candles so much, I am so happy to have a soy candle as an option! Now I can enjoy my house smelling wonderful and know that I am using all natural products to do so. Yeagley’s Designs are custom candles that are non-toxic and have soy-based wax and dye. 

These are not your typical candles, which means they are one of a kind fragrances! They use essentials and synthetic aroma chemicals but are not diluted, so the smell will stay for the entire candle. Make sure to click the link above to get your sample sticks and start using the best soy candles ever!

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