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win an apple watch

Want a brand new Apple Watch? Today is your chance, our latest deal is an apple watch giveaway. Apple watch’s are a very unique type of watch. Aside from some of the android watches, they are the only other watch that you can download apps on and sync up with your cell phone. To claim this offer click the link below!

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Reasons to Win an Apple Watch:

1. The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters deep. This means that you never have to worry about it getting wet for any reason. You could even jump in a lake or ocean without having any problems.

2. You can use it to control your own home theater or apple TV. This is great because you no longer need to find the remote to pause, play, or change the channel.

3. If you have a newer car you can even sync the watch up to your car to lock and unlock the doors. You can make it honk the horn and even turn the car on and off.

4. The watch can download and play music allowing you to leave behind your phone if you go for a workout or jog somewhere.

5. When staying at large hotel chains you can even set your watch up to sync with the room key. The watch can literally open your door for you!

6. You can use the watch to control your thermostat at home as well as turn lights on and off.

7. The Apple Watch can even order food from GrubHub! So if you’re on the go you can place a Togo order with your watch.

This is just a small list of the amazing things that can be accomplished with this nifty piece of technology.

CLICK HERE to Claim this Apple Watch Giveaway