Anti-Racism: Watch Just Mercy Movie for Free

anti-racism racism awareness movie

If you want to start your anti-racism journey, you need to learn about racism first. One of the best movies about racism is Just Mercy movie. Since plenty of issues surround the black community, this is a good start to learn about how far racism goes and how underprivileged races are oppressed. More importantly, for the whole month of June, this Michael Jordan movie is available to stream for free on your favorite digital platforms.

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How to Stream this Anti-Racism Movie

Visit the link above, of course! The link will lead you to Youtube, where you can rent the movie for free. Just Mercy movie’s trailer will play first, and you’ll have to click on Rent and then proceed before you can access it.

Depending on your movie streaming service preference, you can also watch this Michael Jordan movie on other platforms. You’ll just have to either stream or rent it for free.

just mercy movie

Why Watch Just Mercy Movie?

First, you can’t just start your anti-racism journey without knowledge. The easiest way to learn about racism and anti-racism acts is to ask a friend who has experienced racism. However, for those who don’t have underprivileged friends, watching documentaries and movies about racism and anti-racism is a good start.

So, what exactly is this Michael Jordan movie about? Well, Just Mercy movie follows Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer who just graduated from Harvard. He goes to Alabama to represent the penniless and underprivileged. There, he witnesses firsthand just how much racism is ongoing as he defends a wrongfully accused man, who was charged with the murder of an 18-year-old girl despite being innocent.

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