Adult Nappies: Free Adult Pull-Ups

adult nappies

If you haven’t found the perfect adult nappies yet, why not give Prevail a try? Prevail is one of the most well-known adult diaper brands out there, and they’re giving away free adult pull-ups for you to try on. Take advantage of this opportunity now while their adult underwear supplies last!

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How to Get Your Free Adult Pull-Ups

To claim your free adult diaper samples, follow the link above. Then, pick from the male sample kit or the female sample kit. Like all the great adult diaper brands, Prevail knows just how important it is to have male and female adult pull-ups customized and fit specifically for each gender.

Once you’ve picked your preference, you can refer to Prevail’s diaper size chart. Then, fill in the form with your name, email, and shipping address. The date you’ll receive your adult nappies will depend on your location.

adult pull ups

Prevail Adult Nappies: the Samples You’ll Receive

Adult nappies shouldn’t be unisex: males and females have different bodies. This is why Prevail is a well-known adult diaper brand. They know both men and women have different needs regarding adult pull-ups, so they made sure their products catered to that.

For the adult nappies men’s kit, Prevail sends you two male guards and one men’s protective underwear. Those products are designed to be both functional and pleasing. Prevail understands how important it is to wear adult diapers that you actually like seeing yourself in.

Meanwhile, the women’s diaper sample kit contains one light liner, one thin pad, two bladder control pads, and one women’s bag-fitting protective underwear. This will let you figure out how much help you’ll need and which type of protection suits you the most.

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